Cutting Cords

Cutting Cords

Sky called me today, and were less than happy I left them…

Have been getting some pretty annoying calls from Murdoch’s cancellation team, and I finally answered their call today to cut the cord with them. It was something like this:

CSR: “Hi, this is Sky Customer Service and we’re wondering why you’ve left us”

Me: “Well, I’ve decided that I no longer need a TV Licence, and I’m watching Netflix instead.”

CSR: “Ok then, bye”

<terminates call>

It was the quickest cold call I’ve ever had, and I was really quite chuffed with it. I was only slightly sad I never got the chance to say they are robbing people blind if they only want to watch football/Sky Sports (I miss the days of £6 Sky Sports on the iPhone).

Turns out you don’t need a TV Licence if you don’t watch TV as it’s broadcast. Apart from football, I can’t remember the last time I actually watched something as it was broadcast – I’ll watch it the next day instead. Or maybe Netflix on Demand instead.

Sorted. It’s the single, best decision I’ve ever made, even if I do miss live football. But then there’s always the pub, or highlights to watch the day after it’s broadcast.

And apparently, it’s the future (or was 6 months ago, so maybe it’s the present)…


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