Port Vale show no signs of lying down after administration is announced…

Earlier today just before the Port Vale vs Burton Albion match, administration was announced.

At the very least, -10 points will be deducted and Vale look set to fall 2 points outside the playoffs in 9th place, to 15th place with 12 games to go.

Last season, 48 points was enough to stay up, 45 the year before that and 38 before that when Chester and Luton went down. So with 43 points on the board come Saturday, I think Vale will be fine in getting the points of staying up.

Enough about this idea the season is now about staying in the league. The season is now about staying alive, and keeping the core of the team and the club together for next season.

We will survive, and we will stay in this league. A 3-0 win against Burton shows the players want to play for this club even when they are not getting paid.

I was sad when I heard when there is administration looming this weekend, a certainty now.

But I was also relieved. A chance for a clean slate, to get rid of MOLD. The last 2 years at Port Vale with the boardroom shenanigans had left me at least at my wits end.

But tonight, I am so proud, relieved for the new chapter that lies ahead. The Administrators need to work with the Supporters Club and potential bidders to bring in a new owner with a vision.

Mo Chaudry perhaps? Gets my vote. Onwards and Upwards…


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