iPad -> iPad 2 -> iPad…?

iPad -> iPad 2 -> iPad…?

It’s just the new one apparently…or is it?

Priced from £500, “the new iPad” (yes, that’s what they are calling it) features a pretty shiny new screen – a Retina display, better camera (not that I use it), and it’s faster. And, though I didn’t think it would be called “iPad HD”, it’s still a little odd there’s an “iPad”/”new iPad” that’s better than the iPad 2. Will the next one be called “new new iPad”?

Not a bad purchase when you can sell your iPad 2 for 45%-50% of the price through o2 Recycle or eBay. The iPad 2 will stay on sale, at about £100 less, £400 brand new, which isn’t bad from Apple. I’m looking to resell mine or recycle, whichever comes first. Most for the new screen, mind. For reading, games and watching Netflix in 1080p  this has me pretty much sorted. The new Apple TV will now do 1080p too, with Netflix supporting it too.

One very late rumour which came up was haptic display technology. It didn’t make it, but if Apple are working on it, it might help solve some of the problems with playing games with touch controls. I’d personally love it.

Maybe next year…. For now, at the risk of sounding like a sheep/walking advert, I’m waiting for the Apple UK Store to come back online, so I can preorder these goodies to arrive a week on Friday (March 16th).


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