One of my hobbies is coding in C++ with QT.

In 2017 I developed the first iteration of the Mod Installer for the Total Extreme Wrestling indie game. This app with bundled data, played video content, and extracted zip files to an installed location. Naturally an app with the data pre-packaged meant for expensive download sizes, so I wanted to take this a step further with actually downloading requested files on the fly, and contain the needed information for the app on a server which it could parse.

So in 2018, I developed the second iteration of the app. The app downloads files from a server (.zip files) and installs them for the user. It also checks (rather crudely!), whether it can find the app installed in the default directory, and if not, prompt the user to set the location.

The app uses third party libraries QT-Breakpad and QuaZip compression libraries. The website backend supports the app by downloading an information file containing the download location, “name” of the file for the app, and the “type” of file that it is, so that it installs into the correct location. Once a file is downloaded, users can name their installed “mod”, to create the folder for the extraction process.

The app was released on the website, and supported through the Discord channel (both of which I run).

In 2019, the mods hosted on the website were taken down, but you can demo the app can installing it from the website, as a demo file is available.

View the Mod Installer here.

As for other projects, I have created a simple Crash Reporter app to deal with Breakpad crash dumps that upload needed files to a server for debugging.